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Crafting a guitar represents a consummation of who I am as person.  The process is a constant dance between artistic expression, engineering exactness, and the realization of expectation through the labor of my hands.  It is a joy, a frustration, a quietness, a challenge, and special blessing.   With each build, I strive to develop an instrument that will transcend time and provide joy and inspiration to the players in whose hands each sings.

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I strive every day to build instruments that inspire people to create, to hear again sounds they have heard a thousand times with a new excitement, and to embrace a familiar instrument with new respect.


Have some ideas? Want some ideas? Lets talk and begin to paint the picture of what it is to literally control every aspect of a guitar build.


Once we have established an idea of where are headed, visually and tonally, we can make choices on materials and design to result in an instrument that meets your expectation.


Then it is all about execution. I will work over the days, weeks, and months, to realize the dream of your instrument. We will talk over details as they arise, and work within the design concept and natural will of materials we chose to create the best instrument possible.

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